Uprated & Custom Parts

Forged X-Beam Conrods


Exclusive to GTti Developments - Not available elsewhere.


Set of 3, supplied with 3/8-24 UNF 12 pointed bolts.


530 grams


Very strong. 




Material: 4340 (40CrNiMoA)


Hardness: HRC 33-38 


Brass bushed small end for floating wrist pin (not press fit)

Small end is made slightly undersize on purpose, so will need honing to exact size to suit piston pin.


Ideal for use with the IAPEL pistons. 




£ 299.00 


Sorry...Sold out.


IAPEL Forged Piston set.


76.00mm only


Comes with rings, pins and circlips


Very High Quality, Super Strong




Suitable for the oem conrods or GTti Developments forged X-beam rods.





£ 435

Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator kit


1.5:1 fuel pressure gain enables more fuel on boost yet normal Air/Fuel mixture for idle and off boost.






The standard factory injectors can flow enough for about 170hp with this regulator 


Genuine Malpassi 30075INJE372 Regulator, compatible with E85 fuel. 


AN6 Fuel rail adapter fitted with dowty seal

AN6 to 8mm hose adapter


£ 100.00

Fuel Rail Adapter Kit



Allows removal of the original fuel pressure regulator to fit a externally mounted adjustable regulator.






AN6 fuel rail adapter with dowty seal.


AN6 to 8mm hose adapter.


£ 22.50

K&N Cone Air Filter


Genuine K&N.


Direct clamps onto factory turbo fitment.


Has a slightly offset flange so you can turn the filter into optimum position.


Sounds great.


Good for all cars using the standard or hybrid RHB5 turbo. 


                                               Dyno tested on my old GTti to 160+hp



£ 42.00




K&N Filter 


USA made


33-2533 for standard airbox


Washable and reusable



£ 45.00


A good saving over the retail price.



(I also have these for sale in the Used section)


JR / Jetex Sport Air Filter


Part number F229165


Standard Airbox fitment


Washable and reuseable.


Perform same as K&N, just as good.




Great Value!  £30.00

NGK "Race" Spark Plugs


These plugs are ideal for highly modified GTti over 150hp and/or racing use.


One heat range cooler and they feature twin ground electrodes same as the oem design, But less projected for greater durability and less chance of plug overheating detonation.


These are also non-resistor, to reduce chance of misfires at higher boost.

Set of 3


£ 14.00

Superlight Billet Steel Flywheel 2.5kg


A stunning one piece billet steel flywheel that weighs a whopping 3.9kg less than the factory flywheel.

Direct fit with no modifications needed. 

Faster engine response.


Made and sold to order, Please allow a few weeks before dispatch.



£ 360.00

Superlight Crankshaft Pulley 212g


Alloy pulley that is almost 1kg lighter than the original.

And 18% smaller diameter for less inertia. 

Direct fit although you will need to fit a shorter drivebelt (about 760mm)

Made and sold to order, please allow a few weeks before dispatch.



£ 135.00 SOLD OUT

Multi Layer Steel Head Gasket


This MLS head gasket is exclusive to GTti Developments.

Features 3 layers of Stainless spring steel. With heavy embossing on the outer layers.

The inner layer also has firing rings.

The gasket has performed amazingly well since it's debut a few years ago, over 20 have been sold and used on some of the most powerful GTti / GTxx's on the planet!


However be aware this gasket is NOT the only cure if you are regulary blowing normal head gaskets. In this case you need to look at your engine tune!


For most people's usage I would still recommend the standard type composite gasket, which offers a easier installation on less than perfect surfaces. This gasket requires a high standard of smooth finish on the cylinder head surface and engine block. Best fitted if performing a total engine rebuild.


A light spray coating of gasket sealing spray (such as "Permatex copper-spray-a-gasket" or "VHT Gasket Cement", search google or ebay) is advised to ensure good oil and water sealing.


These are made a little thicker than factory gasket, 1.4mm to compensate for a minor head and block skim.

Thicker can be made no problem, Up to 2.0mm


Usually made and sold to order, But sometimes I have a few in stock.


£ 195.00 







ARP Mains Stud Kit


GTti Developments exclusive part.



8 studs, 8 nuts and 8 washers.



These studs can be torqued up to 90 ftlb instead of the factory bolts which are rated to 50ftlb.


The ARP's can be reused if the condition is checked (measure the length of each stud to check for any abnormal stretch)



                  £ 165.00








ARP Head Stud Kit


GTti Developments exclusive part.


8 studs, 8 nuts and 8 washers.


Gives a large increase in clamping force which improves the reliability of the cylinder head gasket. (standard type or the MLS)



These studs can be torqued up to 70 ftlb instead of the factory head bolts which are rated to 50ftlb (yes the factory bolts do snap if you try and torque higher!).


The ARP's can be reused if the condition is checked (measure the length of each stud to check for any abnormal stretch)



                  £ 186.00








ARP Conrod Bolts



6 uprated bolts for the factory conrods


£ 108.00


More parts to be added here.

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