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MANN Oil Filter


MANN Filters are renowned for high quality construction.


Made in Germany.


I have cut open and inspected many brands of oil filter, These are superior.


This is a modern Toyota high specification filter that fits 100% perfect and has same bypass valve spring rating. Very slightly longer length (10mm) with more filtering media.


                             £ 7.00

MANN Air Filter


As you can see, This MANN air filter features a huge amount of deep media pleats which means a very large surface area.

Large surface area = more flow capacity and dirt holding ability. Quality. In my opinion it's even better than the genuine Daihatsu filter.


                             £ 13.50

Fuel Filter


£ 12.00

Distributor Cap and Rotor Arm 


£ 36.00


Sorry sold out, No longer available

Timing Belt


Dayco, Gates or JapanParts brand (depending on stock)


£ 28.00






All Timing belts (and kits) are now being marked up with yellow stickers to align with the markers on the 3 pulleys, for easy fitting !

Timing Belt Kit


Timing Belt, Tensioner and the 2 Idler wheels.



 £ 129.00

Cam Cover Gasket Set


Comes with the 3x spark plug hole seals, And 4x sealing washers for the 4 long bolts.


             £ 29.50

Ignition Lead Set


Aftermarket replacement leads.

Standard 7mm silicone cable.

Dark grey / black colour.


           £ 26.95

Discontinued - New better leads coming soon.

DENSO Spark Plugs


Set of 3



The exact plugs as advised by Daihatsu in the owners handbook / workshop manual !


This is the cooler heat range option, And is perfect for all road driven GTti, Standard or moderately modified.


Note : for cars running over 150bhp or track use I advise the NGK "race" plugs in the uprated/custom section.


£ 22.50 

NGK "Race" Spark Plugs


These plugs are ideal for highly modified cars and/or racing use.


One heat range cooler and they feature twin ground electrodes same as the oem design, But less projected for greater durability.


These are non-resistor, to help reduce chance of misfire.

Set of 3


£ 22.50

More Parts to be added !

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