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MANN Oil Filter


MANN Filters are renowned for high quality construction.


Made in Germany.


I have cut open and inspected many brands of oil filter, These are superior.


This is a modern Toyota high specification filter that fits 100% perfect and has same bypass valve spring rating. Very slightly longer length (10mm) with more filtering media.


                             £ 7.00

Fuel Filter


£ 12.00



Distributor Cap 


£ 36.00



                                              No longer available



Rotor Arm £ 9.00



GENUINE Daihatsu/Denso distributor cap is Discontinued !

But I have a very few new old stock.

Daihatsu Part Number 19101-87707

£ 52.00



Timing Belt


Dayco, Gates or JapanParts brand (depending on stock)


£ 28.00

Timing Belt Kit


Timing Belt, Tensioner and the 2 Idler wheels.





£ 110.00

Cam Cover Gasket Set


Comes with the 3x spark plug hole seals, And 4x sealing washers for the 4 long bolts.


    £ 29.50



Ignition Lead Set


Aftermarket replacement leads.

7mm silicone cable.

Dark grey / black colour.


Don't fall for the hype.. standard type ignition leads are good enough for even high horsepower cars.


      £ 26.95 






DENSO Nickel TT spark plugs


Set of 3


Really good modern alternative to the factory fit plugs. Great Value and performance.


Suitable for all GTti, Standard or modified.


More info:




£ 10.00

Genuine Daihatsu / Denso Spark Plugs




These are the factory fitted plugs!


Perfect to use for all cars up to about 140hp.


Set of 3 at a great price. 


£ 15.50

DENSO Spark Plugs


Set of 3



This is the cooler heat range option of the genuine plugs, And is perfect for all road driven GTti, especially those running over 140hp.


Note : for serious track race cars running I advise the NGK "race" plugs in the uprated/custom section.


£ 20.00

NGK "Race" Spark Plugs


These plugs are best suited for highly modified cars that are used for circuit racing.


One heat range cooler and they feature twin ground electrodes same as the oem design, But less projected for greater durability.


These are also non-resistor, to help reduce chance of misfires that can occur from very high-boost pressures (spark blow-out).

Set of 3


£ 20.00

More Parts to be added !

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