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Genuine Daihatsu +0.50mm Piston Set.

Comes with Piston Pins and Rings 




Unavailable from Daihatsu. Discontinued and out of stock in Japan. 

So a very rare item. 


Comes with a custom made set of high quality 76.50mm piston rings. 

(Genuine Daihatsu rings are not available in this size)

£ 380 

                                                 SOLD OUT 


IAPEL Forged Piston set.



Comes with rings, pins and circlips


Very High Quality, Super Strong




Suitable for the oem conrods or aftermarket forged rods such as GTti Developments forged X-beam rods.


ONLY 2x sets of 76.00mm available







Cylinder Head Gasket Set.


Ishino-Stone Japan brand.


Identical parts same as factory fitted.

Daihatsu dealer would supply the same.





Head Gasket,

12x Valve Stem oil seals,

Exhaust Manifold Gasket,

2x Camshaft oil seals,

Inlet manifold gasket,

Manifold to Turbo gasket,

Turbo to Downpipe gasket,

Downpipe to main exhaust gasket,

Turbo oil drain gaskets,

Turbo oil feed copper sealing washers,

Cam cover gasket with spark plug seals,


£ 169.00




Cylinder Head Gasket


Aftermarket head gasket made by Ajusa of Spain.

Composite type construction same as original.


Have proved to be just as reliable as the genuine gasket.

Well made. Strong firing rings.

Comes with fitting instructions.


NOTE : Always re-check the head bolt torque after the first few heat cycles. Allow engine to fully cool down before doing so. (4 hours)


                   £ 29.95

Water Pump


Proper CB70/80 water pump, With gaskets.


Made in Japan or Europe. Only quality pumps supplied.


          £ 50

                                                      SOLD OUT

All Bearings are exact fitting & correct for CB70/80.

Balancer Shaft Bearings


Supplied as a pair. Available in Standard, 0.25mm or 0.50mm sizes.


         £ 36.00

Crankshaft Main Bearings


Top quality Taiho, Daido, NDC / TDC brand (depending on stock).



Available in Standard only


   £ 60

Crankshaft Thrust Washers


Taiho, Daido or NDC brand.

1 pair. Standard Size only.

Made in Japan.


          £ 20

Conrod Bearings


Top Quality Taiho, Daido or NDC Brand (depending on stock).

Made in Japan.


Available in Standard and 0.50mm sizes.




£ 60

Piston Rings


Set of replacement piston rings.

Standard size 76.00mm

For the factory genuine pistons.

Exclusive to GTti Developments.


               £ 129.00




Upgrade to Gastight

Improved sealing top rings


   Extra  £ 16.00


Oil Cooler Housing VITON 'O' Ring


New Stock...This is now VITON material.

Higher quality than original, VITON withstands temperatures up to 200c vs 120c of normal nitrile O ring. Should outlast the engine...Unlikely to leak again!


Fits between the oil cooler / filter housing and engine block.

Common cause of oil leak down the back of engine which then drips onto exhaust pipe.


          £ 6.00

Distributor Shaft 'O' Ring



If you have a oil leak from under the distributor this new O ring will fix it.


        £ 2.50

12x Valve Stem Oil Seals



£ 26.00



Camshaft Oil Seals




£ 13.00

Oil Strainer Gasket



£ 2.00


         Sorry Sold out

Balance Shaft Gear


Direct replacement for the original which often can be found to have cracks. 


£ 60.00




Crankshaft Main Bearing Bolts


Set of 8, Super high tensile bolts.


           £ 33.00

Exhaust Manifold Gasket



I also have a alternative cheaper option, See below.


Note: Always check the manifold flange for flatness, They do warp !

And inspect for cracks.


   £ 29.50





3x Individual Exhaust Manifold Gasket Rings


Super strong metal crush gasket rings with graphite filling.


Can be used with a old manifold gasket, or on their own.

Simply add a dab of superglue to hold them in place against the head ports. Or glue onto manifold gasket so they get trapped between manifold and original gasket. 


                              £ 12.00

Inlet Manifold Gasket


£ 10.00 SOLD OUT

Downpipe to Main Exhaust Gasket


£ 6.00

Turbo to Downpipe Gasket


£ 15.00



Sorry sold out, only available with gasket set.


Manifold to Turbo Gasket


£ 15.00


Sorry sold out, only available with gasket set

Turbo Turbine Shaft / Wheel


Brand new, Very hard to find !


Fits both types of GTti turbo, 1987-1988 oil cooled (RHB5 VQ10)

and 1988-1993 water/oil cooled (RHB5 VQ17)


                         £ 95.00



Turbo Bearing Housing Core & Turbine Shaft / Wheel


New watercooled bearing housing fully assembled with new bearings etc.

Comes with the new turbine shaft fitted.


Can also be used on earlier oil only cooled turbo, You don't have to connect water. 


Just fit the compressor wheel and cover, and fit into the exhaust housing. 


Once compressor wheel is fitted you could send it away to turbo specialist for fine balancing if you wish.

It's not essential but helps improve lifespan.


Cheaper and easier than getting your old tired turbo reconditioned !



                                            £ 190.00 


New Genuine IHI  - RHB51 - GTti Turbocharger Standard Compressor wheel.


For both earlier VQ10 oil cooled, or later VQ17 oil/water type.


Discontinued by IHI, just a few available.


£ 69.00



More Parts to be added here soon!



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