Clutch / Drivetrain / Brakes

Standard Exedy Clutch Kit



Genuine Exedy/Daikin Japan who supplied Daihatsu.

Same as factory fitted. 



Perfect for cars up to 130hp.


£ 129.00

Clutch Kit - 25% Uprated


The best clutch for the majority of owners, 25% increase in cover clamp force.

Nice and smooth organic disc. Strong design cover, Good mileage lifespan.

Ideal for standard or modified cars. Copes with up to 140lbft torque without slipping.



£ 190.00   



1x Outer CV Joint & Boot Kit



£ 50.00



1x Front Wheel Bearing


Choose 64mm bearing 1987-1988 cars (square hub face) or 70mm for 1989-1993 (round hub)


Up to VIN number JDAG100S00663548 is the 64mm bearing.


                 £ 33.00 each 

Rear Wheel Bearing


1x Inner and 1x outer bearing,

To do one side of car.


Remember to fit the tapered spacer that fits between the bearings


                                 £ 15.50

Gearbox-Driveshaft Oil Seal


Large size


                         £ 15.50

Gearbox-Driveshaft Oil Seal


Small size


                         £ 14.00

Gearbox Syncro Rings


Full set of 5


High quality, and much cheaper than the set would cost from Daihatsu


£ 70.00


Gearbox input shaft bearing.


There are 2 of these bearings on the input shaft.


These are the proper NSK TM sealed gearbox type, same as factory fitted.


Priced each.


      £ 20.00




Output shaft bearing


This special bearing is for output shaft, at the bellhousing end of gearbox.


NTN same as factory fitted


£ 27.00

Output shaft rear bearing


This special bearing fits on the rear of the output shaft and has a circlip groove that holds it into the case.


NTN Same as Factory fitted


£ 25.00

Differential Bearing No.1 (larger one)


Top quality KOYO same as factory fitted.


£ 22.00




Differential Bearing No. 2 (smaller one)


Top quality KOYO same as factory fitted.


£ 18.00

Input Shaft Oil Seal



NOC Japan brand, same as factory fitted.


£ 10.00

Brake Master Cylinder


Quality replacement

Much cheaper than Daihatsu!

£ 102.00 SOLD OUT

Handbrake Cables


Sold as a pair only 


Another hard to find part that has now been sourced.


£ 110.00

Front Brake Discs


Standard replacement vented.

I only sell top quality discs made in the EU or Japan. 


Great Value. Sold in pairs.


£ 25.00 

Brembo Front Brake Discs


Standard replacement vented discs

Made in italy- Premium quality.


£ 45.00

Ferodo Premier Front Brake Pads


One of the best aftermarket pads for general road use. 


                 £ 25.00

Endless Rear Brake Pads


NA-S Compound.


High performance rear pad, Good for up to 450c.

Slotted and Chamfered Friction




Limited Stock imported from Japan.





£ 62.00

Standard Rear Brake Pads


Various brands, depending on stock. 



                £ 26.00

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