Clutch / Drivetrain / Brakes

Clutch Kit - 20% Uprated


The best clutch for the majority of owners, 20% increase in cover clamp force.

Nice and smooth organic disc. Strong design cover, Good mileage lifespan.

Ideal for standard or modified cars. Copes with up to 140lbft torque without slipping.



£ 185.00

D-Sport / DRS 3 Paddle Clutch - Made by Exedy Japan


Imported direct from Japan. Limited stock and soon to be discontinued.


This lightweight (620g) and strong cerametallic clutch disc features bonded material rather than the usual riveted. So you get full depth of lining wear without the worry of wearing down into the rivets.


Offers a torque increase over organic of around 15-20% and will not fade and slip due to heat like organic does. 


This is 170mm as opposed to 180mm but still fits GTti pressure plate and flywheel perfectly fine.


Be aware some judder when pulling away from a standstill is often experienced with this type of clutch disc (gets bit better once bedded in).

And engagement is fast.


Sold as a 3 piece kit with the 20% uprated pressure plate (shown above) and release bearing.


This will hold torque up to the gearbox safe limit of approx 150-160 lbft. 


Disc, +20% Pressure plate and release bearing.   £398.00


LIMITED STOCK - Discontinued soon 


******* Ordered from Japan, Typical wait of 3-4 weeks.  *******

1x Outer CV Joint & Boot Kit



£ 50.00



1x Front Wheel Bearing


Choose 64mm bearing 1987-1988 cars (square hub face) or 70mm for 1989-1993 (round hub)


Up to VIN number JDAG100S00663548 is the 64mm bearing.


                 £ 33.00 each 

Rear Wheel Bearing


1x Inner and 1x outer bearing,

To do one side of car.


Remember to fit the tapered spacer that fits between the bearings


                                 £ 15.50

Gearbox-Driveshaft Oil Seal


Large size


                         £ 15.50

Gearbox-Driveshaft Oil Seal


Small size


                         £ 14.00

Brake Master Cylinder


Quality replacement

Much cheaper than Daihatsu!

£ 102.00

Handbrake Cables


Sold as a pair only 


Another hard to find part that has now been sourced.


£ 110.00

Front Brake Discs


Standard replacement vented.

I only sell top quality discs made in the EU or Japan. 


Great Value. Sold in pairs.


£ 33.00 

Brembo Front Brake Discs


Standard replacement vented discs

Made in italy- Premium quality.


£ 59.00

Ferodo Premier Front Brake Pads


One of the best aftermarket pads for general road use. 


                 £ 31.00

Endless Rear Brake Pads


NA-S Compound.


High performance rear pad, Good for up to 450c.

Slotted and Chamfered Friction




Limited Stock imported from Japan.





£ 62.00

Standard Rear Brake Pads


Various brands, depending on stock. 



                £ 26.00

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