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19th October 2020


As some of you already know. I am ending my own personal GTti project build.

I have come to realise the car will never get completed within a sensible timeframe, and of course... The value of the car if completed would never return the sum of parts on it!  


So it's sensible to sell the project parts before they get fitted and used, And then sell the car as a rolling shell.


I will be selling some very rare and totally unique items! Some of which are already listed on ebay. 


24th September 2020


Over the next few days/weeks I will be listing many parts on

Some items now are low stock, and there are other one-off / custom parts that have never been listed on here.



15 September 2020


I'm afraid as you will see, Quite a few items are now sold out. Many parts are now discontinued and no longer available either from Daihatsu or in the aftermarket.



9th May 2020


Updated GReddy Emanage wiring information has been uploaded to the files section.

(There was a wiring error in the previous file)


18th April



Bottom end engine gasket sets in stock, £30


I am still posting during Lockdown. But only going out to the post office once a week.


Larger/heavier parcels are also no problem as the courier comes to collect.


23rd March 2020


A few gaskets I have been selling individually for a while, But now are very low in stock. These will now only be available if you buy a head gasket set. I am however working on offerering my own head gasket and full engine gasket sets. And will be far more accurate and complete than the cheaper competitors selling on ebay.


26 January 2019



Due to a increase in webspace fees, This site possibly will close later in the year....But fear not.

I will likely move onto a Facebook page, and/or list everything onto ebay.




1st January 2020


Happy New Year!


This year I plan to offer a few more hard to find / unavailable parts.

Also, I have a good selection of organic clutch discs on the shelf (too many infact!) from various quality brand names.

As they do vary slightly I will be listing each type so you can choose when ordering a clutch kit which style you prefer. I can also supply just the clutch disc on it's own. 


You may not be aware that the possibility of having a proper quality STRONG gearbox gears are now a reality. Designed and custom made by Tim Hart of Compact Motorsport in New Zealand.


I have already placed a order for my own personal set. And I advise anyone building a seriously powerful car to look no further, The gear strength is probably the most common mechanical weakness on the GTti when power levels are tuned high. 

Last summer I stripped down 2 gearboxes for the first time, And was quite alarmed at just how poor the quality of the gears are. No different than the basic low powered Daihatsu everyday models.


You can easily make contact with Tim on the Compact Motorsport facebook page, or Instagram. 



22nd November 2019


Pleased to announce that gearbox syncro rings are now available,

At a great price for the full set of 5.




29 October 2019



Gearbox / Differential bearings now in stock. Also gearbox input shaft oil seal.



4th October 2019



Special made very compact size Fuel Cut Defenders now available. These are so small that you can fit inside the factory ECU case if you wish. So totally hidden.


Genuine Daikin/Exedy (same as factory fit) clutch kits in stock.



Welcome to GTti Developments

I have been a avid Daihatsu Charade GTti enthusiast / owner since 1993.


In recent years it has become obvious that finding spare parts for this rare and unique car is not only difficult, But sometimes almost impossible !


GTti Developments aim to help provide parts you cannot easily find elsewhere. 


Many items are in stock, or can be sourced quickly.


Shipping Worldwide is no problem!


Payment - I accept Bank Transfer or PayPal (+5% fee).




Nathan Munns

Replacement Parts

Maintaining and Repairing the GTti is about to get easier!


I supply normal common service items such as Oil filters, Air filters, Spark plugs, etc....


But also the harder to find parts. Such as:


Gaskets & oil seals,


Engine bearings in standard AND +.25 and +.50 sizes,


Piston Rings,


Timing Belts and Tensioners.


As well as:


Clutches, Drivetrain, Suspension and Steering parts.



Modified & Custom

Want to make the Pocketrocket even faster?


I am sure you already know the tuning potential is very impressive for such a small engine...


100hp up to 250+hp ! 


Uprated custom made parts...Multi-Layer-Steel head gasket, Billet Superlight flywheel, Alloy crankshaft pulley, Hybrid turbo parts etc.



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