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K&N cone air filters that clamp directly onto the turbocharger now available. And the used parts section now has parts.





2 November 2018


A new range of Denso spark plugs in stock. Some other parts also to be added soon




20 May 2018


Forged X-Beam Conrods now in stock




25 April 2018


  Forged Pistons now available to order !


29 March 2018


Custom made X-Beam forged conrods coming soon.




19 Feb 2018


Balancer shaft replacement gear now available

JR / Jetex airbox sports air filter..3 in stock  


24th November 2017




Adjustable fuel pressure regulator (1.5:1 pressure gain) now available, along with fuel rail adapter.



23rd June 2017



Steering wheel Boss kits, Handbrake cables, Replacement / uprated Fuel pumps and Malpassi adjustable fuel pressure regulators about to be added.



21st May 2017


Front Brake discs including Brembo now in stock



16th May 2017




NGK "Race" Spark plugs available.



9th May 2017


Timing Belts will now be supplied with alignment mark stickers to make fitting easier (see engine service section)



The proper Daihatsu advised DENSO Spark Plug now being sold instead of NGK (which are sold out)



Fuel Filters and Brake Master Cylinders in stock


D-SPORT Paddle Clutch, Endless Rear Brake Pads and ARP Main Stud Kit now available. 



Welcome to GTti Developments

I have been a avid Daihatsu Charade GTti enthusiast / owner since 1993.


In recent years it has become obvious that finding spare parts for this rare and unique car is not only difficult, But sometimes almost impossible !


GTti Developments aim to help provide parts you cannot easily find elsewhere. 


Many items are in stock, or can be sourced quickly.


Shipping Worldwide is no problem!


Payment - I accept Bank Transfer or PayPal (+5% fee).




Nathan Munns

Replacement Parts

Maintaining and Repairing the GTti is about to get easier!


I supply normal common service items such as Oil filters, Air filters, Spark plugs, etc....


But also the harder to find parts. Such as:


Gaskets & oil seals,


Engine bearings in standard AND +.25 and +.50 sizes,


Piston Rings,


Timing Belts and Tensioners.


As well as:


Clutches, Drivetrain, Suspension and Steering parts.



Modified & Custom

Want to make the Pocketrocket even faster?


I am sure you already know the tuning potential is very impressive for such a small engine...


100hp up to 250+hp ! 


Uprated custom made parts...Multi-Layer-Steel head gasket, Billet Superlight flywheel, Alloy crankshaft pulley, Hybrid turbo parts etc.



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